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NUIG at Leinster Championships

NUIG at the Leinster Championships

On Sunday the 24th of March, 2 members of NUIG Taekwon-do Ireland travelled to Athlone Institute of Technology in Westmeath to compete in the Leinster Championships, hosted by Athlone Taekwon-do.

The team consisting of two men from the club, Aaron Croke and Christopher O’Brien did very well securing medals in both categories that they competed in.

Both did very well in the patterns section securing a silver medal each. Christopher competing in the male white to green belt section wining a silver medal in the section after just losing in the final to a very tight decision. Aaron also made it to final securing a silver medal after losing the final to another tight 2:1 decision.

The sparring section later in the day went very well for the competitors. Christopher fighting in the -70kg men’s white to green tag category secured a bronze medal. He won his first bout and losing out by a few points in the semi-final after a tough fight to the competitor that ended going on to win the division.

Aaron, fighting in the +70kg men’s green to black stripe category won his first 2 fights by a large margin, placing him in the finals. After a very tough fight and a black eye later just missed out on the gold medal but took home the silver.

It was an action packed, large, busy and well run competition and our two male competitors walked away some well-deserved medals. Many thanks to Ms Mary Mannion and all in Athlone TKD for their hospitality.

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