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Crosshaven TKDI

Crosshaven Community Hall

Tuesday and Thursday

6.30pm to 7.30 pm 


Mr Tom Burns 4th Degree

(086) 823 8564

Mr Gar Fleming 1st Degree

(085) 1382208 

Mr. Fleming on Top of the World!

Crosshaven TaeKwon Do had 3 competitors at the 2018 TI World Championships: Doug McKirdy (Blue Belt), Emma O’ Connell (Yellow Belt) and Gar Fleming (Black Belt). After months of training under the watchful eye of Mr Tom Burns the 3 competitors joined team Ireland with high hopes. Doug and Emma gave a great account of themselves in the pattern sections and had a very impressive start in their Sparring sections progressing to the 2nd round and gaining massive experience. Emma O’Connell brought home a well deserved Silver Medal for Team sparring. Gar Fleming had his training camp hindered by a rib injury but used the time to prepare mentally and kept as sharp as he could physically without aggravating his fractured rib. Mr Fleming gained momentum as he progressed through the rounds and had the narrowest of victories in the semi final against an English opponent. He faced an American in the final and the first round was a cagey affair leaving the American ahead on points at half time. Mr Fleming notched things up a gear in round 2 and at the very last second he took a point to bring the fight to sudden death. An explosive attack by Mr Fleming took the point that won him the belt. Thankfully almost all of Team Ireland got to witness as events unfolded and their support was an immense factor in helping Gar over the line. The celebration was electric as his hand was raised in victory. A great weekend on the international stage for the crew from Crosshaven, and the whole of Team Ireland.

Crosshaven Winter Grading 14/12/17
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